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“Arun has helped me through times when I was severely depressed.  I was recently hospitalised with Malaria and she helped me to recover in half the time.  I am happy and healthy due to her empathetic, professional care”."

“Arun has helped me recover from cluster headaches which I've suffered with for years with just a few small pills. Its been more than two years now and I've not had a single attack”

Arun has been my Homeopath for several years treating Sarcoidosis and other related medical problems. This is a very complicated disease, there are some conventional treatments, but all come with many side effects. I have been treating Sarcoidosis with Homeopathic remedies alongside conventional medicine for more than 15 years. Arun has been providing treatments for the past 2-3 years, she is very knowledgeable and methodical in her approach; as a person she is extremely polite and caring. She operates from various clinics based around Slough, and offers flexible working hours (including weekends) for consultations. I would recommend Arun to anyone looking to try out homeopathic remedies.

"My name is Simone and I started consulting Arun in September 2011 with severe depression. Arun was very kind and compassionate and I felt reassured that I could overcome these feelings without the need to take anti-depressants (as I've done a few times in the past but which I wanted to avoid this time if I possibly could).

I was going through a lot of stress at work and my face had broken out with eczema; I started homeopathic treatment with Arun, and this eventually cleared up the condition.I am very fortunate to have met Arun as she is very, very compassionate and with the homeopathy I do feel much better in myself now. There are certain things I would like to change still and I am certain with Arun's help and the homeopathic medication I will be able to achieve whatever I have decided to work on. I would strongly recommend Arun for her therapy and solid training and qualifications to anyone, but mostly, I would recommend her for the compassion she shows her patients."

"My experience with Arun has been really wonderful and it is a privilege to say something about her. She is my best and favourite person with whom I can share all of my problems. I also like the way she always diagnoses the problem and gives me the right remedy. She has also been treating my two daughters. Thank you Arun a lot for everything!"

"Arun is an attentive and knowledgeable homeopath, providing me with acute and constitutional treatment on a number of occasion for several years. She is accurate in her diagnosis and treatment, while clear in her explanations and prescriptions. Arun is a trusted practitioner and she helps me maintain good mental and physical health".