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“Arun has really helped me and my family with our health for many years now. She's been there through all our ups and downs. The children love seeing her! ”."

“Arun has helped me recover from cluster headaches which I've suffered with for years with just a few small pills. Its been more than two years now and I've not had a single attack”

"Arunjot is a very experienced homeopath who offers wise counsel, sensitivity and gentleness in her care towards her patients. My whole family go to see her".

"Arun started healing me about 2 years ago when I had endometriosis. She was so reassuring and confident and for months my symptoms eased and became more bearable. She also gave me my self-confidence back because emotionally not being in sync with my body for years really took its toll on my mental health. The amount of gratitude my family and I have for her is immeasurable. I feel she’s saved me twice now and I can’t be more of an advocate for homeopathy and the healing powers it has. I would urge anyone not to dismiss the positive and powerful impact homeopathy can have on your health. Aruns knowledge and accuracy in this field is really evident.

"My experience with Arun has been really wonderful and it is a privilege to say something about her. She is my best and favourite person with whom I can share all of my problems. I also like the way she always understands the problem and gives me the right remedy. She has also been treating my two daughters. Thank you Arun for everything!"

"Arun is an attentive and knowledgeable homeopath, providing me with acute and constitutional treatment on a number of occasion for several years. She is accurate in her diagnosis and treatment, while clear in her explanations and prescriptions. Arun is a trusted practitioner and she helps me maintain good mental and physical health".