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“In every human being there is a special heaven, whole and unbroken” - Paracelsus

Homeopathy is a wholistic medicine which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal and repair itself. It recognises that symptoms of ill-health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person and that it is the patient as a wholistic being, who needs treatment and not the disease or isolated symptoms.

Homeopathy was first devised and developed by Samuel Hahnemann in the late 18th Century but its roots go back much further, through Medical Science, Alchemy, Herbalism to the indigenous healing systems we now know as Shamanism.

It's principles are based on the concept that 'the organism' is always naturally and innately attempting to heal itself. Homeopathy seeks to harness this self-healing tendency by gently stimulating and supporting the 'defense mechanism'. This is done by drawing upon the medicinal qualities of a substance from the natural world that shares a similar resonance to the illness in it's totality that requires healing (Law of Similars & Totality of symptoms). The process of healing is thus wholistic, energectic and dynamic.

Why homeopathy?

Homoeopathic remedies are completely safe, they are non toxic and they have no harmful side effects. People are searching for more natural ways to improve their health and are choosing homeopathy as a safe alternative or as a complementary treatment with other therapies. In homeopathy they find a system of medicine that looks at each person as being unique and a system that shows respect for the body's innate intelligence and ability to keep the person in optimum health. 

Energy levels and outlook to life should be significantly better after homeopathic treatment from a professional homeopath. People return for treatment because they feel an improvement in their general health, as well as a particular health complaint.